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Getting a project started and want to make sure you end up on the best path? Hitting a milestone and want to make sure your team is getting the most out of the technology? Need peace of mind to launch? Our team will spend a couple of days to a couple of weeks helping you get the most out of Clojure, ClojureScript, Datomic and AWS.


You need to build your next application - it has to be modern and AWS-native. Our cross-discipline teams can help you design the system, get quickly to a proof of concept (and help you get and analyze feedback from your users), then get you to version 1.0.  A small team, moving quickly, iterating rapidly, to get you to launch faster, with a better product.

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Need to transition to AWS? Already there, but struggling to take advantage of the full suite of services available? Need to accelerate the capabilities of your team using AWS development tools and practices? We can work directly with your team to bring our years of experience building and launching applications on AWS into your organization.

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Walmart worked with our teams to create a robust data management system that supports over 5,000 stores and integrates online and mobile data.

Our Clojure system just handled its first Walmart black Friday and came out without a scratch.
- Anthony Marcar, Senior Architect

Disrupting the financial services industry with superior technology - Nubank uses Datomic to power their nimble, elastic microservices platform.

Case Study
Datomic has helped us solve really hard business problems and, frankly, make impossible business problems possible for us.
- Edward Wible, CTO

LookingGlass worked with Cognitect and leveraged Clojure to build a next generation threat intelligence platform that was both robust and agile.

Case Study
Largely because of this partnership with Cognitect, LookingGlass successfully delivered a threat intelligence platform to the marketplace capable of housing more than a billion discrete threat observations overlaid on a global internet topology, while returning general purpose search results within seconds.
- Chris Wood, Director of Engineering
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